Our Journey

Family photo 2020.jpg
From generation to generation

Our family have owned this land on the Bere Peninsular since 1958. Grandfather Leo was a German prisoner of war who decided to stay in this country when the conflict ended. A builder by profession, he bought this plot and turned his hand to farming, but in his heart he always wanted a vineyard...

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When Leo passed away in 2004, the land was passed down the family, which led to a process of rediscovery. Research uncovered that the patch of Devonian soil we owned was of a similar typography to the Rhur Valley which is so beloved by the Riesling grape.

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Homage to the past

The area has a sheltered microclimate and further investigations led us to believe that the Madeleine Angevine, a white wine grape well suited for England’s cool climate and that is also popular in Germany, could actually thrive here. We planted our first vines 2016 and have been clearing the land and developing it ever since.

The Future

In 2021 all our hopes and plans came together when we received planning permission to build our own Winery at the Vineyard. In autumn 2021 we picked our harvest and made our first wine on site. This will be ready for you all to try and buy in spring 2022. The 2019 sparkling is proving very popular, come and taste it at one of our Cellar Door openings. Keep in touch with us to hear the latest developments .

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