The Vineyard

A year in the Vineyard

There is never a dull moment in the vineyard. Most people would naturally think that the busy time is at harvest, but in truth there are lots of vital tasks to undertake throughout the year before we get to the excitement of harvesting!

Volunteering in the vineyard

Why not experience the tranquillity of the valley and learn about managing a vineyard whilst helping us with some of our day-to-day jobs? We need help throughout the year with jobs like:

  • De-budding in spring

  • Canopy reduction in high summer

  • Harvesting in early autumn

  • Tying-in canes in the depths of winter!

Just volunteering for 1 day can help us keep on top of our jobs -  fantastic fresh air included! You might be treated to some glimpses of our favourite wildlife; buzzards, butterflies and slow-worms. If you are interested, please sign up to our Tamar Tribe mailing list.

Madeleine Angervine

The Vineyard currently has 1400 vines of Madeleine Angervine. The grape is originally from the Loire Valley of France but is also popular in Germany. This grape ripens early and is well suited to cooler climates, such as the UK.

The first vintage

The first harvest from 2019 has been turned into a soft, light, yet refreshingly crisp, dry sparkling wine by our friends at Haygrove Evolution. Our 2020 harvest is currently progressing into a light, crisp and clean still white wine.  We hope to release it in spring 2022.